[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: pipes-core 0.0.1

Twan van Laarhoven twanvl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 23:19:29 CET 2012

On 2012-03-10 11:16, Paolo Capriotti wrote:
> Another issue is how to deal with unconsumed input. For that, there is
> a ChunkPipe type (in pipes-extra) with a specialized monad instance
> that threads unconsumed input along. You can see an example of
> ChunkPipe in action in this prototype http server by Jeremy Shaw:
> http://src.seereason.com/pipes-http-2/pipes-http-2/. Note that this is
> based on a old version of pipes-core, however.

A nice way to deal with unconsumed input (from a user's perspective) would be a 

     -- | Pass some unconsumed input back upstream.
     --   The next @await@ will return this input without blocking.
     unawait :: Monad m => a -> Pipe a b m ()


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