[Haskell-cafe] Problems installing Data.Encoding package

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Sun Mar 4 13:36:46 CET 2012

Pēteris Paikens wrote:
>  I'm stuck at trying to get Data.Encoding package functional. Cabal
> gives the following error message:

This is caused by a problem with the cabal file in the encoding
package. Often it causes the entire GHC package system to
get confused, as pointed out by Brandon.

The problem is that encoding depends on HaXML, but
only sets a lower bound for the version of HaXML (>= 1.19)
with no upper bound. The encoding package does not work
with the current version of HaXML. There have been
several bumps of the major version number of
HaXML (1.22 > 1.19).

A lot of people have been experiencing problems
due to this bug. I am including the person listed as
the maintainer of the encoding package in the CC
to this message. I hope that the bug will soon be
fixed. In the meantime, you can edit the cabal file
of the encodings package manually. (Set its version
number to something weird, with extra components,
to avoid future problems.)

Hope this helps,

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