[Haskell-cafe] FreeSect -- generalised sections syntax extension

Ras Far rasfar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 04:37:10 CET 2012

So we can have ... chiastic freesects?  This sounds like too much fun!

I find chiasmus is a term from linguistics?  From [1]: "The elements
of simple chiasmus are often labelled in the form ABBA, where the
letters correspond to grammar, words, or meaning."  So we've got love,
too (Aramaic word “Abba” = love of God or so...)  Also coincidental,
since a lot of the literary instances are apparently found in sacred
texts (although Coleridge comes up a lot too, cough).

So many coincidences around this.  I'd written up the idea for the
Haskell extension in 2003 (calling them "arbitrary sections"), but
only decided to implement them about a week ago.  Had just gotten
started about an hour earlier, when eyebloom on #haskell asks about
the same thing, right down to the _ syntax.  (I offered him
collaboration but he didn't get back to me, hope you're not sore
eyebloom, anyhow I don't mind you were maybe too busy.)

Then I get hacking Language.Haskell.Exts and -- the most recent
extension already added is "TupleSections"!  And there's no other
extension so related to this idea.

Now the serendipity with Wren's linguistic research.  And even the
freegeek domain.  Fantastic.  Wren, your slides look great, thanks for
the link, I think I'll read them tonight.  Do you have a paper version
of the slides at all?  Slides can be a bit terse on their own.

Yours Chiastically,

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiastic_structure

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