[Haskell-cafe] Long-running request/response protocol server using enumerator/iterator/iterIO/pipes/conduits/...

Nicolas Trangez nicolas at incubaid.com
Tue Jun 26 22:30:59 CEST 2012

On Tue, 2012-06-26 at 22:39 +0300, Michael Snoyman wrote:
> I've run into those kinds of problems in the past as well. In general,
> interleaving of data streams can be difficult with enumerator. That's
> the reason I added connect-and-resume to conduit. I use the technique
> in warp[1], which in fact *does* support multiple request/response
> pairs due to connection keep-alive. But the code base isn't the
> easiest introduction to the technique. If there's interest, I'll try
> to put together a blog post on using connect-and-resume to solve this
> kind of problem.

Thank you, Michael. I thought about HTTP keep-alive as well, but felt
reluctant to start by looking at a 'large' codebase like warp... Anyway,
what you point to seems reasonable to interpret, I should be able to
write something similar based on this (even though I never used
Conduits/ResourceT before).



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