[Haskell-cafe] About using "type" to do type alias.

Magicloud Magiclouds magicloud.magiclouds at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 04:50:39 CEST 2012

  There was another mail, but the subject might be confusing. So I
write this one. The code is here: http://hpaste.org/70414
  If I understand correct, generally, I could use 'type' to do alias
to save the ugly-long code. Like section 1. This works when I 't [(0,
Just "x")]'.

  But, if I wrote section 2. Then 'start (M.fromList $ zip ord_args)
worker' could not be compiled due to the second argument is type of
'M.Map Arg Arg', not 'JobArgs Arg Arg'.

  What did I miss to make this work?

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