[Haskell-cafe] Lazy producing a list in the strict ST monad

Nicu Ionita nicu.ionita at acons.at
Sun Jun 10 14:37:39 CEST 2012


I'm trying to produce a list in the strict ST monad. The documentation  
of ST says that the monad is strict in the state, but not in the values. 
So I expect that, when returning a list, I get back only the Cons (with 
2 unevaluated thunks). Now, when I need the first element (head), this 
will be evaluated (with whatever actions are necessary in the ST 
universe) and the tail is again a Cons with unevaluated parts.

Internally my list is stored in a vector, and the elements are generated 
phasewise, each phase generating 0 or more elements in the vector, and a 
fuction splitMove is driving this process (see code below). I would 
expect that the first phase triggers, generates some moves, then (after 
these are consumed from the list) the next phase triggers generating the 
next few moves and so on.

But when I trace the phases (Debug.Trace.trace) I get all the trace 
messages in front of the first move:

Moves for fen: rnbqkbnr/pp3ppp/4p3/2pp4/3P4/2NQ4/PPP1PPPP/R1B1KBNR w
After move generation...
0 >= 0 : next phase
3 >= 3 : next phase
3 >= 3 : next phase
42 >= 42 : next phase
44 >= 44 : next phase

This seems not to be just an unhappy combination between trace and ST, 
as also the program without trace is beeing slower than the same 
implemented with plain lists, which is hard to believe (in many cases 
the move list is not consumed to the end).

I wonder if my expectation is wrong, but I don't find a way to do this. 
Here is the (incomplete) code:

produceList ... = runST $ do
     ml <- newMList ...
     listMoves ml

-- Transforms a move list to a list of moves - lazy
listMoves :: MList s -> ST s [Move]
listMoves ml = do
     sm <- splitMove ml
     case sm of
         Just (m, ml') -> do
             rest <- listMoves ml'
             return $ m : rest
         Nothing       -> return []

-- Split the first move from the move list and return it together with
-- the new move list (without the first move). Return Nothing if there
-- is no further move
splitMove :: MList s -> ST s (Maybe (Move, MList s))
splitMove ml
     | mlToMove ml >= mlToGen ml = do
         mml <- trace trm $ nextPhase ml
         case mml of
             Nothing  -> return Nothing
             Just ml' -> splitMove ml'
     | otherwise = do
         m <- U.unsafeRead (mlVec ml) (mlToMove ml)
         case mlCheck ml ml m of
             Ok    -> return $ Just (m, ml1)
             Skip  -> splitMove ml1
             Delay -> splitMove ml1 { mlBads = m : mlBads ml }
     where ml1 = ml { mlToMove = mlToMove ml + 1 }
           trm  = show (mlToMove ml) ++ " >= " ++ show (mlToGen ml) ++ " 
: next phase"

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