[Haskell-cafe] High memory usage with 1.4 Million records?

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Fri Jun 8 08:56:04 CEST 2012

* Andrew Myers <asm198 at gmail.com> [2012-06-07 20:39:50-0400]
> I've written a small driver test program that just parses the CSV, finds
> the minimum value for a couple of the Float fields, and exits.  In the
> process monitor the memory usage is 6.9G before the program exits.  I've
> tried profiling with +RTS -hc but it ran for >3 hours without finishing, it
> normally finishes within 4 minutes.  Anyone have any ideas for me?  Things
> to try?

It's possible that you have problems with laziness (memory being
occupied by thunks). To quickly confirm this, try executing a
non-profiled build with +RTS -hT.

If it takes too long to complete, just abort it in the middle -- the
profiling data will be written anyway (unless you kill it in a too
violent way).

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