[Haskell-cafe] Introducing FP Complete

Bartosz Milewski bartosz at fpcomplete.com
Wed Jun 6 03:22:48 CEST 2012

You might have seen a few post by me mentioning FP Complete and asked 
yourself the question: Who is this guy and what is FP Complete?

I haven't been active in the Haskell community, as I'm a relative 
newcomer to Haskell. I am better known in the C++ community where I've 
been promoting functional-style programming and the use of Haskell for 
modelling difficult aspects of template metaprogramming. I've been 
involved in discussing the support for concurrency and parallelism in 
C++; which, by the way, is ages behind what Haskell has to offer.

It was therefore natural for me to join a newly founded company, FP 
Complete, whose goal is to commercialize Haskell. I believe that now is 
the right time for Haskell to become a strong software industry player, 
especially that functional programming is being widely recognized as the 
answer to the recent multicore and GPU explosion.

I can't be much more specific about what the role of FP Complete will be 
in making Haskell an industrial success because our plans are still 
evolving. We should be ready to makes some announcement shortly.

I should mention that the support from the part of the Haskell community 
that we have so far contacted has been overwhelmingly positive. We have 
Simon P-J's blessing, we are in close collaboration with Well Typed, we 
have friends at Galois, Parallel Scientific, Amgen, and many other 
Haskell shops. Hopefully you will hear from and about us more often in 
the future.

[:Bartosz Milewski:]

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