[Haskell-cafe] System.Win32.Registry... Help?

Anonymous Void bitsofchaos at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 07:11:41 CEST 2012


I'm working on a project that will require me to create and possibly
set registry keys.
I don't have much experience with programming on Windows either,
but I'm having to learn as you don't get many *nix PCs at a computer
repair shop, lol.

I found a mailing list post showing how to read registry keys and was
able to make a function based off of it,
but I have no idea what to put into some of the arguments for
regSetValueEx or regCreateKeyEx, so I'm stuck.
Also, what's the best way to recursively traverse trees in the
registry, are there any functions for it?

Can someone please help me out with this?
Thank you.

{-# LANGUAGE ForeignFunctionInterface #-}

import System.Win32.Types
import System.Win32.Registry
import Foreign.Ptr (castPtr)
import Foreign.Marshal.Alloc (allocaBytes)
import Foreign.C.String (peekCWString, withCWString)
import Control.Exception (bracket, throwIO)

-- // parse a string from a registry value of certain type
parseRegString :: RegValueType -> LPBYTE -> IO String
parseRegString ty mem
  | ty == rEG_SZ        = peekCWString (castPtr mem)
  | ty == rEG_EXPAND_SZ = peekCWString (castPtr mem) >>=
  | otherwise           = ioError (userError "Invalid registry value type")

-- // FFI import of the ExpandEnvironmentStrings function needed
-- // to make use of the registry values
expandEnvironmentStrings :: String -> IO String
expandEnvironmentStrings toexpand =
  withCWString toexpand $ \input ->
  allocaBytes 512 $ \output ->
  do c_ExpandEnvironmentStrings input output 256
     peekCWString output
foreign import stdcall unsafe "windows.h ExpandEnvironmentStringsW"
  c_ExpandEnvironmentStrings :: LPCTSTR -> LPTSTR -> DWORD -> IO DWORD

get_key :: HKEY -> String -> String -> IO String
get_key cat loc key =
  bracket op regCloseKey $ \x ->
  allocaBytes 512 $ \mem ->
  do ty <- regQueryValueEx x key mem 512
     parseRegString ty mem
  where op = regOpenKeyEx cat loc kEY_QUERY_VALUE

set_key :: HKEY -> String -> String -> IO ()
set_key cat loc key =
  regSetValueEx cat loc rEG_SZ??? "LPTSTR? What do I put here?"
  where op = regOpenKeyEx cat loc kEY_SET_VALUE

main = get_key hKEY_CURRENT_USER loc key >>= print
  where loc = "Software\\7-Zip"
        key = "Test"

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