[Haskell-cafe] TLS 0.9.6, question about session resumption.

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at cs.kuleuven.be
Sun Jul 22 00:26:12 CEST 2012


2012/7/21 C Gosch <ch.gosch at googlemail.com>:
> I am trying to use the TLS package from hackage, and it works fine so
> far -- except when a client wants to
> do session resumption (note I am not an expert in TLS, so it might be
> something quite simple).
> In that case, I get an alert, "unexpected message", during handshake.
> The handshake goes like this:
> ClientHello (with a SessionID)
> ServerHello (with the same SessionID)
> ServerHelloDone

Not an expert either, but section 7.4 of the TLS 1.2 spec (rfc 5246)
does seem to say that this ServerHelloDone should be a Finished
message instead.

> and then the server says
>  (AlertLevel_Fatal,UnexpectedMessage)

Do you mean that the client says this? If so, this may obviously be
correct if the server sends the wrong message. Pehaps you can test
with a different server implementation?

> I'm not sure whether the "ServerHelloDone" should happen when resuming.
> Does anyone have a hint what may be going wrong?
> I am using TLS10 and the tls package with version 0.9.6.


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