[Haskell-cafe] Monads with "The" contexts?

Takayuki Muranushi muranushi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 13:48:32 CEST 2012

Thank you Tillman, and Oleg, for your advices! Since ICFP contest is
starting in a few hours, I will make a quick response with
gratefulness and will read the full paper later....

Let me guess a few things, please tell me am I right.

The share :: m a -> m (m a) is almost the thing I am looking for. I
have independently (believe me!) invented an equivalent, "bind trick,"
for my DSL:
but am now enlighted with what it really meant. Still, `share` cannot
bring the shared binding to global scope (e.g. it doesn't allow place
sunMass, earthMass, marsMass in separate modules)

I guess, my original question is ill-posed, since all the values in
Haskell are pure, so in the following trivial example

> earthCopyMass = earthMass

there is no way to distinguish two masses, thus there's no telling if
Earth and EarthCopy is two reference to one planet or two distinct

I don't know if memo can solve this problem. I have to test. I'll try
implement `memo` in your JFP paper section 4.2 Memoization; seems like
it's not in explicit-sharing hackage.

I'm vaguely foreseeing, that like in memoized (f2 0, f2 1, f2 0, f2 1)
we need to pass around some `world` among it. That will be random
generator seeds if our continuous-nondeterminism is an MonadIO when we
perform Monte-Carlo simulations; or it's a virtual `world` if we make
Gaussian approximation of probabilistic density functions.

To Ben: Thank you for your comments anyway! But since I'm not going to
use the List monad (the use of List was just for explanation,) the
discreteness is not an issue here. That's my intent when I said
"another story." Sorry for confusion!

All the best,


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