[Haskell-cafe] strict version of Haskell - does it exist?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Tue Jan 31 16:36:27 CET 2012

>  jsonLines :: C.Resource m => C.Conduit B.ByteString m Value
>  jsonLines = C.sequenceSink () $ do
>    val <- CA.sinkParser json'
>    CB.dropWhile isSpace_w8
>    return $ C.Emit () [val]

Adding a \state -> (the way Felipe Lessa told me) make is work and
it runs in about 20sec and that although some conduit overhead is likely
to take place.

omitting my custom data type using bytestrings operating on Value of
Aeson reduces running time to 16secs. 

PHP/C++ still wins: less than 12secs.

Now I can imagine again that even a desktop multi core system is faster
than a single threaded C application.

Thanks for your help. Maybe I can setup profiling again to understand
why its still taking little bit more time.

Marc Weber

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