[Haskell-cafe] TCP Server

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+hs at mega-nerd.com
Sat Jan 28 13:43:49 CET 2012

Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:

> I find it funny that conduit is said to be an iteratee library since
> it has no iteratees!  We've had more than one iteratee library since
> at least 1.5 years with the iteratee (Mar 2009) and enumerator (Aug
> 2010) packages, and AFAIK now we have four iteratee libraries: those
> two, iterIO (May 2011) and pipes (Jan 2012).  However, conduit is not
> the fifth since it has no iteratees, no enumerators, no enumeratees...
> it's a different concept, not a different implementation.

I mostly agree, but I think the real strength of Conduits is that
it removes a lot of the complexity of the other Iteratee libraries.
Erik de Castro Lopo

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