[Haskell-cafe] Efficient temporary file storage??

Gregory Crosswhite gcrosswhite at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 10:46:32 CET 2012

On 1/24/12 5:51 PM, Vincent Hanquez wrote:
> On 01/24/2012 07:33 AM, Gregory Crosswhite wrote:
>> On 1/24/12 9:43 AM, Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:
>>> Use cereal [1], usually it's fast and easy enough.
>> Out of curiosity, is binary no longer the recommended standard for 
>> such things?
> binary got only an interface for processing lazy bytestring.
> cereal is able to do strict and lazy bytestring and got a partial 
> interface like attoparsec (which is required to do proper network/io 
> processing).
> Fortunately it's very simple to convert between the two, since the 
> actual serialization API is really close.
> Features-wise, in my view, cereal is a superset of binary. the only 
> thing missing that i've noticed is that you can't tell how many bytes 
> you have processed with cereal.

Fair enough, it's just that I had gotten the impression that for some 
time the binary package was considered by the community to the community 
to be the "standard" way of serialization/deserialization values.  Is 
this no longer the case?


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