[Haskell-cafe] Conduit versions of wai and warp?

Vincent Hanquez tab at snarc.org
Thu Jan 19 09:35:28 CET 2012

On 01/19/2012 08:14 AM, Gregory Collins wrote:
>  Speaking of the migration issue; it should be possible to have an
>  enumerator <-> conduit wrapper library to help people continue to use
>  their enumerator-based code for awhile (and vice-versa).

A bit out of topic and definitely not answering the question, but for asn1-data,
i want to move away from the data feeding business, and just relying on the
attoparsec API.

That let the user choose the feeding "style" by plugin either an existing attoparsec
plugin package (attoparsec-{conduit,enumerator,iteratee}) or dealing with the Result
type directly.

This is also possible when using cereal (Data.Serialize).

I think more libraries in the enumerator camp or iteratee camp should look if 
they need
to control input or not. unless there's something i missed :-)

Vincent @vincenthz

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