[Haskell-cafe] PhD program at Portland State accepting applications for Fall 2012

Nathan Collins nathan.collins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 18:22:54 CET 2012


Portland State University has a lot going on in functional
programming.  The Fall 2012 PhD program application deadline is March
1 for US students and February 1 for international students:


FP related work at Portland:

- Tim Sheard is working on the Trellys project: design and
implementation (in Haskell) of a "practical" dependently typed
programming language.  Joint project with Aaron Stump at UIowa and
Stephanie Weirich at UPenn.  Here "practical" means intended for
programming more than for theorem proving.  Supports theorem proving,
but also logically dubious features like general recursion and Type in
Type.  The key design issue is the interplay between safe and unsafe
features.  Project repo:


- Andrew Tolmach, Mark Jones, and James Hook are working on HASP:
design and implementation (in Haskell) of a functional programming
language for high-assurance systems programming.  Project page:


- Sergio Antoy is working on narrowing in functional logic programming
and the Curry FLP language.  Intro to functional logic programming:


PAKCS Curry implementation:


- Arthur Peters, a student of Sergio’s, is working on a new
implementation of Curry based on a simplified graph rewriting model of
functional logic computation. A paper about it and the prototype
implementation are available at:


- Andrew Black is a co-author on a recent paper on Haskell for the Cloud:


Other FP resources in Portland:

- Galois, located a half mile from the computer science department,
hosts many "Tech Talks", open to the public:


- Functional programming study group:


Living in Portland:

- Portland is a very popular US city, known for beer, bikes, music,
and street food:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland_Oregon (wikipedia is blacked out today)


-nathan (PhD student in programming languages)

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