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Tue Jan 17 20:05:01 CET 2012

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 6:42 PM, John Lenz <lenz at math.uic.edu> wrote:

> HTML5 Canvas is great for charts.  If you go this route you might as well
> use a library which draws charts for you instead of writing all this code
> yourself.
> Personally, I use extjs version 4 which has some amazing charts, but there
> are other libraries out there.
> http://www.sencha.com/**products/extjs/examples/#**sample-3<http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/examples/#sample-3>
> Essentially the server provides the data in JSON or XML some other format,
> and the extjs code draws the charts on the client side.
> If you go with extjs, then the server side I would suggest a small, simple
> yesod or snap server.   You could probably get the server under a hundred
> lines of code with yesod; see some of the examples in the yesod book.
>  yesod or snap would serve JSON of the statistics on request, and also
> serve the javascript files which draw the charts.

Yes, I was thinking about using Haskell to generate everything that
specific Javascript library needs to display charts in browser. Naturally
charts are to be displayed by this library itself. I also would like to
have Haskell tools to generate Web GUI in Javascript.
As for yesod, I am not sure that I like approach which mixes HTML with
code, or even worse - creates a new weird HTML-like language like  'whamlet
quasi-quotation', for example:

<!-- <a href=@{Page1R}>Go to page 1! -->

I prefer using Turing complete PL to program web client, like the one used
in GWT (Java) or Cappuccino  (Objective-J). http://cappuccino.org/learn/
In this case you /almost/ don't need to know  HTML, CSS, DOM, Ajax, etc. to
develop WebUI and good PL lets you concentrate on problem domain instead of
bothering about browser support.
It is a real pity that Haskell still has no such tools to generate Web GUI
in Javascript. (((
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