[Haskell-cafe] [ANNOUNCE] JuicyPixels 1.0 - image loading library

Vincent Berthoux vincent.berthoux at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 18:26:32 CET 2012


I'd like to announce the first release of JuicyPixels, an image loading library written entirely in Haskell. The focus of this library is ease of use and correct loading. In this first version the library is capable of the following actions :

 - PNG    (.png) 
    * Reading 
        - 1,2,4,8 bits loading, Grayscale, 24bits, 24 bits with alpha,
          interleaved & filtered (fully compliant with the standard,
          tested against png suite).

    * Writing
        - 8bits RGB (non interleaved)
        - 8bits RGBA (non interleaved)
        - 8bits greyscale (non interleaved)

 - Bitmap (.bmp) (mainly used as a debug output format)
    * Reading
        - 24bits (RGB) images

    * Writing
        - 32bits (RGBA) per pixel images
        - 24bits (RGB) per pixel images
        - 8 bits greyscale (with palette)

 - Jpeg   (.jpg, .jpeg) 
    * Reading non-interlaced baseline DCT image, seems to be OK
    * Writing : none yet

I'm interested on any feedback regarding ease of use, performance and bugs.

GitHub : https://github.com/Twinside/Juicy.Pixels
Hackage : http://hackage.haskell.org/package/JuicyPixels

Vincent Berthoux

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