[Haskell-cafe] named pipe interface

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Thu Jan 12 21:22:50 CET 2012

Quoth "Serge D. Mechveliani" <mechvel at botik.ru>,

> (I wonder: is this for  beginners at haskell.org ?)

No, not really!  As already mentioned, the use of UnsafePerformIO
goes a little beyond what I think is its intended purpose, and I
think you might have better luck here with a test program that
illustrates the problem and doesn't depend on that.

But while you're looking into that ... you might be interested to
know that there's a problem with named pipes in GHC (beyond the
problems that afflict anyone who tries to work with named pipes.)
GHC I/O routinely sets file descriptors to non-blocking, unlike
the IO libraries for C and other languages, and this could add
to your troubles with named pipes.  You can read up on that and
possibly find clues to the present problem.


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