[Haskell-cafe] How to catch all exceptions that could be caught?

Simon Hengel sol at typeful.net
Thu Jan 12 08:07:55 CET 2012

> > Use SomeException for the type, as it is the base of the exception
> > hierarchy.
> But it is usually recommended that you *don't* do this, as it even
> captures Ctrl-c invocations:

I think there are situation when it is justified to catch almost all
exceptions.  And people do that a lot, which often leads to ctrl-c not
properly working (e.g. we had this in HUnit before  The way I
deal with this is:

    someAction `catches` [
      -- Re-throw AsyncException, otherwise execution will not terminate
      -- on SIGINT (ctrl-c).  All AsyncExceptions are re-thrown (not
      -- just UserInterrupt) because all of them indicate severe
      -- conditions and should not occur during normal operation.
      Handler (\e -> throw (e :: AsyncException)),

      Handler (\e -> yourHandler $ e :: SomeException)


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