[Haskell-cafe] space-efficient, composable list transformers [was: Re: Reifying case expressions]

Jan Christiansen jan_christiansen at gmx.de
Mon Jan 2 19:09:42 CET 2012


On Jan 2, 2012, at 2:34 PM, Heinrich Apfelmus wrote:

> Without an explicit guarantee that the function is incremental, we can't do anything here. But we can just add another constructor to that effect if we turn  ListTo  into a GADT:
>    data ListTo a b where
>        CaseOf   :: b ->  (a -> ListTo a b)  -> ListTo a b
>        Fmap     :: (b -> c) -> ListTo a b   -> ListTo a c
>        FmapCons :: b -> ListTo a [b] -> ListTo a [b]

I did not follow your discussion but how about using an additional GADT for the argument of Fmap, that is

data Fun a b where
  Fun :: (a -> b) -> Fun a b
  Cons :: a -> Fun [a] [a]

data ListTo a b where
  CaseOf   :: b ->  (a -> ListTo a b) -> ListTo a b
  Fmap     :: Fun b c -> ListTo a b   -> ListTo a c

and provide a function to interpret this data type as well

interpretFun :: Fun a b -> a -> b
interpretFun (Fun f)  = f
interpretFun (Cons x) = (x:)

for the sequential composition if I am not mistaken.

(<.) :: ListTo b c -> ListTo a [b] -> ListTo a c
(CaseOf _ cons) <. (Fmap (Cons y) b) = cons y <. b
(Fmap f a)  <. (Fmap g b) = Fmap f $ a <. (Fmap g b)
a <. (CaseOf nil cons)    = CaseOf (interpret a nil) ((a <.) . cons)
a <. (Fmap f b)           = fmap (interpret a . interpretFun f) b

-- functor instance
instance Functor (ListTo a) where
  fmap f = normalize . Fmap (Fun f)

normalize :: ListTo a b -> ListTo a b
normalize (Fmap (Fun f) (Fmap (Fun g) c)) = fmap (f . g) c
normalize x = x

Cheers, Jan

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