[Haskell-cafe] ANN: network-socket-options 0.1

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Wed Feb 22 01:36:29 CET 2012

On 21 February 2012 14:57, Joey Adams <joeyadams3.14159 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I added a new package containing wrappers for getsockopt and setsockopt:
>    http://hackage.haskell.org/package/network-socket-options
> The network package already has getSocketOption and setSocketOption.
> The problem is, these don't work for socket options that aren't
> represented by integers, such as SO_LINGER:
>    http://trac.haskell.org/network/ticket/23
> Another, less serious problem is that getSocketOption and
> setSocketOption don't leverage the type system as well as they could.
> Many options are boolean values; it'd be better to get and set them
> with 'Bool's instead of 'Int's.
> network-socket-options implements options using getter and setter
> functions, e.g.:
>    getLinger :: HasSocket sock => sock -> IO (Maybe Seconds)
>    setLinger :: HasSocket sock => sock -> Maybe Seconds -> IO ()
>    type Seconds = Int
> The HasSocket type class is defined to overload the getters and
> setters to work on raw file descriptors, not just Socket objects.
> This functionality should probably go in the network package itself.
> However, I decided to release it as a separate package so I could
> start using it sooner.  If people like it enough, perhaps the network
> package can absorb it, as was done with network-bytestring.

Hi Joey,

awesome! I've prepared some patches for network to add this module and
its tests, in this branch:


I didn't modify any other modules, perhaps Network.Socket.Options
should be re-exported from Network.Socket, and perhaps
{get,set}SocketOption should be deprecated?

network$ autoreconf
network$ cabal configure --enable-tests
network$ cabal build
network$ cabal test
Running 3 test suites...
Test suite options: RUNNING...
Test suite options: PASS
Test suite logged to: dist/test/network-
Test suite uri: RUNNING...
Test suite uri: PASS
Test suite logged to: dist/test/network-
Test suite simple: RUNNING...
Test suite simple: PASS
Test suite logged to: dist/test/network-
3 of 3 test suites (3 of 3 test cases) passed.


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