[Haskell-cafe] [haskell-cafe] Some reflections on Haskell

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Tue Feb 14 16:13:04 CET 2012

Kevin Jardine notices "the full Haskell ecosystem ... is huge", and
laments the absence of "a sophisticated IDE to help manage" it.
Being a small-code type, I don't personally enjoy IDE's, which
are undeniably useful in big projects, at the cost of a whole lot
more to learn about "programmering" in addition to programming.

Nevertheless, I share Jardine's concern about the central problem.
It is hard to find one's way in this ecosystem.  It needn't be,
as Java illustrates.  To my mind Java's great contribution to the
world is its library index--light years ahead of typical
"documentation" one finds at haskell.org, which lacks the guiding
hand of a flesh-and-blood librarian.  In this matter, it
seems, industrial curation can achieve clarity more easily than
open source.

(To avoid entanglement with social media, this comment is going
to Haskell Cafe rather than Google+ where other comments reside.)

Doug McIlroy

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