[Haskell-cafe] Subject: A universal data store interface

Sergiu Ivanov unlimitedscolobb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 21:10:51 CET 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:53 PM, Paul R <paul.r.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> So Sergiu, my POV is that universal data stores is at best a glue
> targeting small projects, so that they can be hacked quickly. They offer
> a set of features that, by design, is the greatest common divisor of the
> backends, which unfortunately isn't that great. This is certainly nice
> for a do-a-blog-in-5-minutes with "MyFramework init" video tutorial, but
> probably not for industrial projects in the long run.
> Regarding your other option, the value behind the LLVM backend seems
> huge for the whole Haskell community. It has the power to lighten GHC,
> improve runtime performance, bring binaries to more platforms and much
> more. In my opinion, that's quiet exciting :)

I am absolutely not in the position to question or deny your
conclusion.  Obviously, I am not going to drop my commitment to the
LLVM backend; however, I tried to find a second project idea that
would interest me, and the idea of working on a universal data storage
interface seemed quite attractive.  It still seems attractive to me;
mainly (but not only) because Greg said it could actually run of a
purely Haskell backend, which means that, ideally, one could write
Haskell programs with very little effort dedicated to storage.


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