[Haskell-cafe] Some thoughts on Type-Directed Name Resolution -record update

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Fri Feb 10 08:26:44 CET 2012

Quoth AntC <anthony_clayden at clear.net.nz>,
> Donn Cave <donn <at> avvanta.com> writes:
> The narrow issue we're trying to address is namespacing, and specifically name
> clashes: two different records with the same named field.
> Now in return for me answering that, please answer the questions in my earlier
> post about what limitations on update you'd like:
> * record-type changing?
> * Higher-ranked fields?
> * How many forall'd variables?
> * Constrained forall'd variables?

All right, but it won't be a very interesting answer;  partly because
I personally do not find the name clash issue per se as compelling as
some - I mean, it can be a nuisance for sure, but it isn't broken the
way update per se is broken - and partly because, as best as I can
make out, I have never dreamed of using any of those four features.
So I hope someone with more invested in the problem will chime in!


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