[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Updated OpenGL libraries

Jason Dagit dagitj at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 23:53:10 CET 2012


I'm pleased to anounce a minor bug fix release of the OpenGL
libraries.  This release was prompted by issues and warnings when
compiling with ghc-7.4.1.

The following packages have been updated:
  * OpenGLRaw
  * OpenGL
  * GLURaw
  * GLUT

Thanks goes out to:
  * Corey O'Connor
  * mgajda (github id)
  * #haskell-game and #haskell on freenode

The changes include:
  * Removing a data type context
  * Exposing the GLfoo constructors from OpenGLRaw
  * Deriving Typeable instead of using the now deprecated mkTyCon
  * Added Eq constraint, necessary now that Num doesn't have an Eq constraint
  * Tighten constraints in cabal files
  * Conservative package version bump (X.Y.Z -> X.(Y+1).0)

As usual, please submit pull requests and bug reports on github:

Thank you!

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