[Haskell-cafe] strict version of Haskell - does it exist?

Ryan Newton rrnewton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 16:24:41 CET 2012

> Even though advertised as parallel programming tools, parMap and other
> functions that work in parallel over *sequential* access data
> structures (i.e. linked lists.) We want flat, strict, unpacked data
> structures to get good performance out of parallel algorithms. DPH,
> repa, and even vector show the way.

You would think that tree data structures would be good here as well.  For
example, monad-par includes a definition of an append-based "AList" (like
Guy Steele argues for).

But alas that turns out to be much harder to get working well.  For most
algorithms Vectors so often end up better.

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