[Haskell-cafe] SOE code on Mac OS X Lion

N. Raghavendra raghu at mri.ernet.in
Tue Apr 24 09:57:12 CEST 2012

I am trying to use code from the book `The Haskell School of Expression'
on an iMac with Mac OS X Lion.  I have installed the latest version of
Haskell Platform (2011.4.0.0 64bit).  I then followed step 1 on the Web
page http://www.cs.yale.edu/homes/hudak/SOE/software1.htm, and did
`cabal install GLFW'.  There were no errors in the installation.

Regarding step 2 in the instructions, I have downloaded
SOE-20120121.zip, but don't know how to proceed further.  The Web page

  "Note for OS X users: running graphics applications from GHCi is no
  longer supported. Instead, one has to compile a graphics program using
  GHC in order to run it (see example/GMIExamples.lhs for an example)."

Also, SOE/src/Code.html says,

  "For MacOS X, unfortunately SOE cannot be run from under GHCi
  interactively due to problems with the Graphics library it uses. SOE
  programs must be compiled in order to run OS X. This means you have to
  export the main function from a particular module (by adding it to the
  module export list) and compile with command line: ghc -main-is=...."

I am only trying to learn Haskell from SOE, and don't understand how
to compile the SOE software with GHC. What precisely is the command
that I should invoke in the Terminal for the compilation?  I'd
appreciate any help on compiling and using the SOE code.

Thanks and regards,

N. Raghavendra <raghu at mri.ernet.in> | http://www.retrotexts.net/
Harish-Chandra Research Institute   | http://www.mri.ernet.in/

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