[Haskell-cafe] ANN: signed-multiset-0.1

Stefan Holdermans stefan at vectorfabrics.com
Thu Apr 19 10:10:21 CEST 2012

Release early, release often. Here's a second version:



* Added the functions Data.SignedMultiset.isPositive and
  Data.SignedMultiset.isNegative, which return whether all elements in a
  signed multiset have respectively nonnegative or nonpositive multiplicity.

* Added the functions Data.SignedMultiset.shadow, Data.SignedMultiset.modulus,
  Data.SignedMultiset.signum, and Data.SignedMultiset.unitstep which return
  respecitively the additive inverse, modulus, signum, and left-continuous unit
  step of a signed multiset.

* Added the functions Data.SignedMultiset.filter, Data.SignedMultiset.partition,
  and Data.SignedMultiset.split for filtering and partitioning signed

* Added the functions Data.SignedMultiset.foldr' and Data.SignedMultiset.foldl',
  which are strict versions of Data.SignedMultiset.foldr and

* Changed the behaviour of both the function Data.SignedMultiset.fromList and
  the Read instance of Data.SignedMultiset: it multiple element/multiplicity
  pairs are provided for the same element, the multiplicity of the element in
  the constructed multiset is now taken to be the sum of the provided
  multiplicities (rather than the rightmost multiplicity).

* Added the functions Data.SignedMultiset.toLists and
  Data.SignedMultiset.fromLists, which convert between signed multisets and
  pairs of lists of elements with positive and negative multiplicity.

* Made the dependency on the base and containers packages more restrictive. The
  dependency for base now carries the version constraint == 4.5.*, while the
  dependency for containers now comes with the constraint >= 0.4.2 && < 0.5.



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