[Haskell-cafe] Haskell integration with C/C++ (GSOC)

Daniël de Kok me at danieldk.eu
Sat Apr 7 14:43:26 CEST 2012

On Apr 5, 2012, at 5:08 PM, Donn Cave wrote:
>> As things stand, it is quite a hassle to use a Haskell library of
>> any complexity called from C.
> I wonder if the fact that we recognize these problems but haven't
> been super-motivated to solve them, suggests that there hasn't really
> been that much call for stand alone Haskell libraries?

Good question. Since there are not so many complete GUI toolkits yet, I can imagine that someone would write a GUI in C++ or Objective-C and use a Haskell library from there. Other than that, I think most people prefer writing an application in Haskell as much as possible to exploit its benefits over C/C++.

-- Daniël

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