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You need to write a generator function for the type (IntMap
Index) which
keeps track of the n parameter that you're using in arbIndex.

You can't rely on the Arbitrary instance for (IntMap a) because
doesn't have access to the n parameter that you are so
in arbIndex.

(Actually, you could use the "size" number that QuickCheck keeps
behind the scenes, using the functions "sized" and "resize", but
would have the consequence of affecting all other arbitrary
generated as part of that recursion--including the floats and
ints and
so on, which may or may not be what you want.)

Also, since your trees are unranked, rather than binary as in the
example, take care with the factor of 2 that you're using to
resize the
generated subtrees. You might find that the resulting trees are
much bigger than you want, or have different statistical

Hope that helps--

On Friday, September 23, 2011 4:22 AM, "mukesh tiwari"
<mukeshtiwari.iiitm at gmail.com> wrote:

  Hello all
  I have a   data type
  data Index = Index {indexSize::Float, indexIds::[Int],
  indexDown::(IntMap.IntMap Index)}
    | IndexLeaf {indexSize::Float, indexIds::[Int]}
    | IndexEmpty {indexSize::Float}
    deriving ( Show , Eq )
  I derived some thing like this for QuickCheck testing
  instance Arbitrary a => Arbitrary ( IntMap a )  where
      arbitrary = liftM IntMap.fromList  arbitrary
  instance Arbitrary Index where
      arbitrary =
        oneof [ liftM3 Index arbitrary arbitrary arbitrary ,
  liftM2 IndexLeaf arbitrary arbitrary , liftM IndexEmpty
  arbitrary ]
  but its generating infinite list of data. After reading the
  paper [1]QuickCheck: A Lightweight Tool for Random Testing of
  Haskell Programs
  i tried to write above one using sized  but i am not sure how
  to write this .
  instance Arbitrary a => Arbitrary ( IntMap a )  where
      arbitrary = liftM IntMap.fromList  arbitrary
  instance  Arbitrary Index where
      arbitrary = sized arbIndex
  arbIndex 0 = liftM IndexEmpty arbitrary
  arbIndex 1 = liftM2 IndexLeaf arbitrary arbitrary
  arbIndex n = frequency [ ( 1 , liftM IndexEmpty arbitrary ) ,
  ( 1 ,  liftM2 IndexLeaf arbitrary arbitrary ) , ( 2 , liftM2
  Index arbitrary arbitrary ( arbIndex $ div n 2 )   ) ]
  but from this type i can see arbIndex $ div n 2 will return
  Gen Index not Gen ( IntMap Index )  and i am getting compiler
  error . Could some one please tell me , how to write arbIndex
  n in terms of smaller n like in the paper
  arbTree 0 = liftM Leaf arbitrary
  arbTree n = frequency[   ( 1 , liftM Leaf arbitrary ) , ( 4 ,
  liftM2 Branch ( arbTree $ div n 2 ) ( arbTree $ div n 2 ) ) ]
  Thank You
  Mukesh Tiwari

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