[Haskell-cafe] Animas/Yampa - Using Zip as a Routing Function in a Parallel Switch with Feedback

M. George Hansen technopolitica at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 01:25:43 CEST 2011

> I'm not totally sure, but I sense that you may need a one-instant delay
> in your looping code here:
>>         rec
>>             let senses = map (\state -> (inputEvents, state)) states
>>             states <- par route activities -< senses
> Try adding a one-instant delay by passing the output of your parallel
> switch through the iPre signal function:
>    states <- iPre [] <<< par route activities -< senses
> Hope that helps.

Indeed, that did solve the issue! Apparently the recursion was not
well-founded for reasons beyond my comprehension, so injecting an
initial value was all that was needed.


  M. George Hansen
  technopolitica at gmail.com

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