[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Webwire 0.1.0, netwire 1.2.5

Ertugrul Soeylemez es at ertes.de
Fri Sep 16 06:46:25 CEST 2011

Hello fellow Haskellers,

webwire is an experimental web framework based on the functional
reactive programming library netwire.  It uses WAI under the hood and
right now features only a subset of the very basics of what you need to
write web sites.  Features:

  * Reactive programming of web sites.
  * Stick together subapplications similar to Happstack.
  * Build web pages piece by piece using Yesod-inspired widgets.
  * Builtin support for "shakespearean" templates.
  * Builtin support for selecting output types (like HTML/JSON).
  * Simple Happstack-style routing functionality.
  * Very simple overall design.
  * And as always:  100% Haddock documentation coverage.

Its aim is to combine all the good features of continuation-based web
frameworks by hiding as much as possible of the stateless nature of
HTTP.  Through the netwire library it introduces some new design
patterns, which appear to work amazingly well for web applications:

  * Powerful new design pattern for sessions:  Through netwire's
    context-sensitive wires it becomes almost trivial to have separate
    subwires for every user.  This way you can write your applications
    like you were in a dialog with the user.  I'm planning to implement
    forms based on the same design pattern.

  * Feedback and choice make it easy to express complicated
    inter-request data dependencies.

And together with webwire I have also released a new version of netwire.
Changes include:

  * Generalized context wire transformers.
  * Generalized session functions.
  * Signal injection (reinject exhibited signals).

Thanks go to:  Cale Gibbard for support with AFRP, the Yesod team for
lots of useful libraries.

Keep the feedback coming!


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