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Sun Oct 23 10:51:38 CEST 2011

A small standalone program to manage the import block of a haskell
program. It will try to add import lines for qualified names with no
corresponding import, remove unused import lines, and sort the import
block according to some heuristic you can define. This only works for
qualified imports! Unqualified imports are left untouched.

It's most convenient if bound to an editor key.

Recent major changes:

version 1.0.0

Change name from FixImports to fix-imports, which is more unixy.

Change ghc-pkg parsing from String to Text. It's noticeably faster.

Add a more flexible system for prioritizing imports. When there are
several possibilities for a module name, they are all given to a
single function to decide. The config file moved from
fix-imports-priority to .fix-imports and can now specify sort orders
for packages and modules by prefix.

Make -i includes for non-existent dirs ignored instead of causing an error.

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