[Haskell-cafe] SpecConstr message while compiling

Daniel Díaz Casanueva dhelta.diaz at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 19:33:55 CEST 2011

Hi, cafe!

I wrote a program and had the following message while compiling (with -O2):

    Function `addOc{v s6RL} [lid]'
      has four call patterns, but the limit is 3
    Use -fspec-constr-count=n to set the bound
    Use -dppr-debug to see specialisations

What it means? Is it bad? It only happens when compiling with -O2.

addOc is a local function (defined in a where clause). If it helps, here is
the definition:

addOc x [] = [(x,1)]
addOc x ((y,n):ys) = if x == y then (y,n+1) : ys
                               else (y,n) : addOc x ys

I want to know if there is something wrong or a I don't need to take care
about this.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Díaz.
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