[Haskell-cafe] thespian thoughts

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun Oct 9 18:45:19 CEST 2011

Hi Alexander,

I went looking for something to clean up rss2irc's thread management, and your recently released thespian package looks like the simplest, most practical actors/erlang/OTP-ish lib for haskell so far. Thanks!

I need to restart threads (actors) in a controlled way when they die or hang. I think some of all of that is also part of Erlang/OTP, and maybe it's already on your todo list. Here are some notes I made, for your interest and in case you have any further thoughts.

I thought of adding some actor-transforming combinators like these:

-- | Spawn the specified action and restart it whenever it dies, unless
--   the restart frequency exceeds any of the given maximum frequencies in
--   which case throw an exception.
restart :: [Frequency] -> IO a -> IO Address
restart fs action = spawn $ do
  setFlag TrapRemoteExceptions
  let start times = []
   t <- getCurrentTime
   update start times
   when (any fs exceeded by start times) throw error
   worker <- spawn action
   monitor worker
   receive worker [Case _ -> return ()]

-- | Convert hangs to exceptions using a watchdog timer: spawn the
--   specified action under the control of a watcher which monitors it and
--   also kills it and throws an exception if the worker ever fails to
--   send (something) to the watcher within the specified interval.
watchdog :: Seconds -> (Address -> IO a) -> IO Address
watchdog t action = spawn $ do
  watcher <- self
  worker <- spawn $ action watcher
  monitor worker
   receiveTimeout t [Case _  -> return ()
                     Default -> throw error

which I would use something like:

main = do
  (feed, bot) <- ...
  spawn $ do
   reader    <- restart [MaxPerHour 2] $ watchdog 60 $ feedReader feed bot
   announcer <- restart [MaxPerHour 2] $ watchdog 60 $ ircAnnouncer bot
   responder <- restart [MaxPerHour 2] $ watchdog 60 $ ircResponder bot
   monitor reader
   monitor announcer
   monitor responder
   setFlag TrapRemoteExceptions
   receive [Case e :: RemoteException -> exitFailure (show e) -- one of the above died or hung too frequently

but the types aren't right. I'm not sure if these combinators are possible with the current thespian api. Also they would complicate things, eg what is the address of a restarted actor ?

On second thoughts it might be better if these features were built in to the library. I imagine something like:

main = do ...
  reader    <- spawnWith [RestartSpec [MinInterval (minutes 5), MaxPerHour 3, MaxPerWeek 6], Watchdog (seconds 60)] $ feedReader feed bot

feedReader = do
    poll feed, do stuff

What do you think ?

Best - Simon
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