[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.16

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Oct 1 19:22:56 CEST 2011

I'm pleased to announce version 0.16 of the hledger packages. This is a
stability/bugfix/polish release (which may become the pattern for
even-numbered releases in future.)

hledger is a library and set of user tools for working with financial
data (or anything that can be tracked in a double-entry accounting
ledger.) It is a haskell port and friendly fork of John Wiegley's
Ledger. hledger provides command-line, curses and web interfaces, and
aims to be a reliable, practical tool for daily use.  Given a plain
text file describing transactions of money or any other commodity, it
will print the chart of accounts, account balances, or just the
transactions you're interested in.  It can also help you record new
transactions, or convert CSV data from your bank.

Home: http://hledger.org

To install: cabal update, cabal install hledger. If you have trouble, let
me know or watch the mail list/bug tracker for updates. Optional add-ons:
hledger-web hledger-vty hledger-chart hledger-interest.

Pre-built platform-specific binaries, which are time-consuming to make and
support, are provided on request to anyone who donates. This is a great
way to give back and support the project! http://hledger.org/DOWNLOAD.html

Release notes for 0.16:

  * cli: strip the -- when calling add-on commands, so their options work

  * cli: hledger ADDON --version now shows add-on command's version

  * cli: only the add and web commands auto-create the journal file

  * cli: give a non-confusing error if LEDGER_FILE contains a literal

  * add: clearer prompts, more validation, use . to end also

  * add: use unix line endings consistently, avoiding parse error on
    windows (#51)

  * add: avoid excess whitespace between transactions (#46)

  * balance: ledger compatibility fix: don't elide parent accounts with
    multiple displayed subaccounts

  * convert: always order converted transactions by date

  * convert: rename currency -> base-currency, in-field, out-field ->
    amount-in-field, amount-out-field

  * convert: give an error, not a zero when date or
    amount-in-field/amount-out-field parsing fails

  * register: show more useful range of intervals with --empty and a query

  * print, web: always show both dates, ignoring --effective (#42)

  * web: production builds (the default with cabal) have all web content
    embedded (dev builds use ./static/) (#63)

  * web: update to yesod 0.9

  * web: obey at least some of the general reporting options, like --cost

  * web: adjust the default base url when a custom port is specified

  * web: prevent an infinite redirect when custom base url has a trailing

  * web: fix "not:'multi word'" patterns

  * web: hide old title and search form when adding/editing

  * web: adjust --help to indicate command-line arguments are not expected

  * web: don't bother running cli unit tests at startup


- Release contributors: Simon Michael

- 30 days, 100 commits, 4 end-user features and 18 end-user bugfixes since
  last major release

- 219 unit & functional tests and 55% unit test coverage (hledger,
  hledger-lib packages)

- 7632 lines of code (all packages)


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