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Hi Jerzy,

On 24 November 2011 15:57, Jerzy Karczmarczuk <jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr
> wrote:

> B.
> Does anybody care about wxHaskell?

Actually there has been quite a bit of work on wxHaskell recently, although
most has not made it into the mainline yet. The archives of wxhaskell-users
and wxhaskell-devel (both at Sourceforge) contain the details, but a short
summary below:

Dave Tapley has done some great work on wxWidgets 2.9 support, getting us
into good shape for wxWidgets 3.0, which has a number of API changes over
the 2.8 series. This is a much larger undertaking than implied by this
short paragraph. Dave has put in some changes to reduce unnecessary
rebuilding of the codebase, and has been thinking of merging some work I
did in the area earlier this year.

Dave has also added support for the AUI, RichText, PropertyGrid and Ribbon
libraries, as well as reinstating STC support.

Maciek Makowski has contributed buildbot support to help us verify changes
on all of the supported platforms, and a number of Windows fixes.

Eric Kow has contributed a Haskell replacement for wx-config which works on
all platforms. This needs a little more work before it is ready for
prime-time, but it will help to make build much more robust. Eric has also
contributed a HOWTO for building using the wxPack project, which makes
building on Windows *much* easier, and will become the supported approach.

Another Eric contribution is that we have removed the last vestiges of
Eiffel from the codebase (wxHaskell originally built on a wxWidgets wrapper
for Eiffel - which is long since abandoned).

Eric and Alessandro Vermeulen have been working on support for 64bit OSX

I am working on reinstating OpenGL support, and will be merging some of the
new code back into the mainline which will continue to support wxWidgets
2.8. We want to retain wxWidgets 2.8 support until most of the common Linux
distros have moved to 2.9 or 3.0 in their binary repos (building wxWidgets
is not a trivial undertaking on any platform!).

In short, while there has not been much headline grabbing activity, we
actually have a lot going on, and I hope it will be ready for wider use in
the next month or two. This is mostly dependent on me getting my act
together as lead maintainer.

Best regards
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