[Haskell-cafe] Is SmallCheck maintained?

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Tue Nov 22 20:02:43 CET 2011

> On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 9:54 AM, Roman Cheplyaka <roma <at> ro-che.info> wrote:

> > Does anyone currently work on Test.SmallCheck?

not "working on", but I'm using it in teaching.

The one change that I would want in SmallCheck
is that Serial should use size, not depth
(that is, not take the max over the subtrees, but the sum).
I think this would help somewhat against the explosion of test sets.

Yes, I can write Serial instances as I fancy
but it's the default instances  (for tuples, lists)
that I think should be changed. 
At least, an alternative should be provided.

On the other hand, that could easily be forked off as a student project,
so there is no hurry.

Best, Johannes.

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