[Haskell-cafe] A Mascot

Carlos López Camey c.lopez at kmels.net
Tue Nov 22 03:40:41 CET 2011

> Yea, it's cute. I don't like the formula, though: \x -> x + x is just too
> trivial and not very Haskellish. Something higher order is the minimum
> requirement, IMO. The original (lambda knights) formula was cool: the fixed
> point operator is directly related to recursion, which is reflected in the
> picture that contains itself; note also that defining this operator requires
> an untyped language, so this fits LISP quite well (but not Haskell).

I would go with something like ! forall A B. A -> B, saying that "type
casting" under the C-H isomorphism is a lie and therefore we all must
avoid it :D, but I don't like the "!" in front of it. Just my 2 cents.

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