[Haskell-cafe] Visi.Pro -- My Next Thing

David Pollak feeder.of.the.bears at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 18:04:39 CET 2011

Howdy Haskeller, 

I've launch a new, Haskell powered, adventure: Visi.Pro, Cloud Computing for the Rest of Us.  Visi.Pro will offer a HyperCard-like development environment that will empower normal people to build and run beautiful, interactive apps on their iPad and seamlessly integrate the Cloud including real-time data feeds and destinations.

More about the journey that led me to Visi.Pro at http://blog.visi.io/ and more about the product vision at http://visi.pro (http://visi.pro/)

I am totally stoked about where this journey will lead... it's going to be amazingly exciting!

I'm also looking forward to taking advantage of Haskell awesomeness as I build Visi.Pro and Visi.io out.  Haskell has been a wonderful journey for me so far. The quality in design and implementation of the language, the runtime, and the libraries is amazing.  I am standing on the shoulders of giants by building Visi.Pro on Haskell.




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