[Haskell-cafe] German names for kinds and sorts

Ertugrul Soeylemez es at ertes.de
Mon Nov 14 10:58:59 CET 2011

Daniel Schoepe <daniel at schoepe.org> wrote:

> > Most time, it is not really difficult to find an appropriate term
> > for concepts of Haskell, like types (Typen) or type classes
> > (Typklassen).  But I really don't know how to call kinds and sorts
> > in German. Any ideas?
> I'd go with "Arten" and "Sorten" respectively.

I agree.  I find myself talking about "Typarten":  "Der Typ Maybe ist
von der Art * -> *."

Often it's also sufficient to differentiate between concrete types and
type constructors:  "Maybe ist ein Typenkonstruktor."


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