[Haskell-cafe] capri cabal-dev virtualenv cab

Paul R paul.r.ml at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 10:43:23 CET 2011


Rustom> Does anyone give me a little comparison of these? What would all
Rustom> my requirements be? Not sure... these seem important for me

Rustom> 1. Need to sandbox not just haskell-projects but ghc (different
Rustom> compilations/versions) itself 2. Stability of the (sandboxing)
Rustom> tool 3. Correcting the deficiencies of cabal (eg inability to
Rustom> uninstall, quarrels between cabal and apt etc)

I'll also appreciate users recommandations here. In spite of some decent
experience with Haskell and administration, I keep falling regulary into
various traps, particulary when in comes to managing cabal with multiple
GHCs. Lately, 2 days after a fresh GHC install, a cabal install failed
because of version mismatch in a package between system and user
database, and I was forced to clear up the whole thing. I'd much prefer
to spend my time hacking my haskell software ;)

At the moment, my strategy to swap GHC is purely based on the PATH
environment, and that works well if you don't forget to set this env
before hacking a project. My strategy for cabal is a bit more
convoluted, because I had *so many* troubles with multiple databases
(AKA system db and user db), I decided that everything would go in the
'system' one, which is actually just in my user-local GHC install, for
which my user obviously have required permissions. Things seem to work
a bit better that way, I guess because cabal has easier time handling

So far I avoided the project-local database strategy because my system
does not have much computational power, and I'm bored of waiting for
ubiquitous packages to compile in all my folders. Arguably, that would
be the only safe and simple way to avoid clashes, but I'd appreciate
some shared cache to avoid recompiling the same stuff multiple times. Is
there some wrappers that can take care of that ?



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