[Haskell-cafe] How do you describe systems in general with Haskell?

Ertugrul Soeylemez es at ertes.de
Sun Nov 6 01:37:24 CET 2011

Grigory Sarnitskiy <sargrigory at ya.ru> wrote:

> If you are to describe a system, which consists of several subsystems,
> how do you approach the problem? What types, classes, functions
> whatever do you introduce?
> I guess it is a common problem, is there a general method? Just to
> describe, not to solve (though if the description implies the solution
> then it is wonderful).
> Obviously this is not just a haskell-specific problem, but I think
> there might be people who are aware of the best current solution
> (category theory?).

In general I view the subsystems as completely separate, as far as
possible.  Then I write a library for each of them, combining them later
in a program.

Also I try to find a design pattern for the general problem at hand,
although I almost always end up using FRP.


nightmare = unsafePerformIO (getWrongWife >>= sex)

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