[Haskell-cafe] Utrecht Summer School in Applied Functional Programming

João Paulo Pizani Flor joaopizani at gmail.com
Sun May 29 17:11:18 CEST 2011

Hi dear Haskellers!

I'm a senior undergraduate Computer Science student in Brazil, and have
always loved Haskell and wrote most of
my lab assignments and course projects in it. Haskellers are a very rare
species here in Brazil, but I always
tried my best to motivate people around me presenting some seminars, writing
some tutorials, etc. My personal
Haskell project: http://launchpad.net/presto

What joy I had then last Friday, when I found out I've been accepted to
participate in the Utrecht Summer
School 2011, in the course "Applied Functional Programming in Haskell"
(http://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/index.php?type=courses&code=H9). In fact,
I got a scholarship from
Utrecht University that covers tuition fees and housing, but not the plane
tickets to/from the Netherlands.

That's the point where I need your advice: without some sort of financial
support I won't be able to buy the
tickets and travel to Utrecht. I am already searching from grants here in
Brazil, but I think it will be hard
to find something, not to say impossible. So, do you know any
program/fund/foundation to which I can apply and
get the needed financial support?

Best regards,

João Paulo Pizani Flor
joaopizani at gmail.com
Computer Science
Federal University of Santa Catarina - Brazil
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