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Thanks, all.
Earlier, I was going to ask how to break out of a sequence op prematurely, i.e., you give it some replication number but want to break early if you get an end-flag value. While I was composing the post I thought of using Maybe for the good values and Nothing for the end value. Ergo, losing the Nothings at the end.
I was passing a map and an empty list into some state, but since the map doesn't change once it's created I moved it into a Reader. I was using the list to collect the elements but thought I can get that functionality automatically using sequence. 
So, one thing leads to another. It's interesting how ideas begin bubbling up after one absorbs some critical mass of Haskell.
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> What's the best way to end up with a list composed of only the Just values,
> no Nothings?


    [ x      | Just x <- originals ]

It also occurs to me that perhaps you still want the Just constructors.

    [ Just x | Just x <- originals ]
    [ x      | x@(Just _) <- originals ]

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