[Haskell-cafe] Status of Haskell + Mac + GUIs & graphics

Tom Murphy amindfv at gmail.com
Wed May 18 08:29:15 CEST 2011

> I still haven't found any way to do GUIs or interactive graphics in Haskell
> on a Mac that isn't plagued one or more of the following serious problems:
> * Incompatible with ghci, e.g., fails to make a window frame or kills the
> process the second time one opens a top-level window,
> * Goes through the X server, and so doesn't look or act like a Mac app,
> * Doesn't support OpenGL.

     If there doesn't currently exist something without these
handicaps, that's a serious problem for the use of Haskell for
developing end-user software.
     If we as a community want to be able to develop software for
end-users (i.e. people who'll be thrown off by gtk widgets or x11
windows)*, then it would be a very good idea to focus our energies on
one or two promising pre-existing libraries, and hammer them into
completion. A roadmap for this could be worked on at Hac Phi?

Just my 2¢,

*This, of course, would NOT be avoiding success at all costs. :)

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