[Haskell-cafe] Open CV or alternate image processing library for Haskell on windows?

Ville Tirronen aleator at gmail.com
Wed May 18 06:32:39 CEST 2011


Yes, I understand that - but if there is some install or usage dependency,
> or install procedure, I would hope to see it documented somewhere; perhaps I
> missed that?

The only installation procedure I can document is how to do this in linux.
My guess is that it must be similar with windows.

1. Get the opencv library from opencv.willowgarage.com
2. Install it and make a note where it installs
3. cabal install CV. If this fails with missing C libraries, then,
(4). cabal install CV --with-extra-lib-dirs=where_the_opencv_libs_are

However, wait few hours so I can push a new version to hackage. There are
few things I've already discovered that fail to work with other people and I
think I can fix them.

The CV package is something I threw together, originally in pre-cabal times.
Back then I arguably wasn't a very good haskell-programmer and the whole
thing was under an nda. Since then I've casually evolved the library to suit
my needs. After I saw CV-combinators library released I made a petition to
publish my codes in hopes that it would help other people doing similar

In short, although CV package is very very useful for me, it is not a
perfect binding, and the implementation isn't really smart at places. I
would like to make it great, however.

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