[Haskell-cafe] Hash table constructors return table in IO Monad. Why?

michael rice nowgate at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 21:59:48 CEST 2011

Thanks, Bryan and Stephan.
I seem to remember playing around with a data structure that accumulates (in a list) different values associated with an identical key, i.e.,
insert data-structure "abc" 5insert data-structure "abc" 6
retrieve data-structure "abc" -> [5,6]
HashTable doesn't do it. Neither does Map. Was I dreaming?

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The hashtable needs to be been created in IO, after that, think of the

'hashtable' as a analogous to a file handle. You have to pass it

around to do anything with it - but the only things you can do with it

are in IO.

The appropriate pure package to be using instead is unordered-containers.

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