[Haskell-cafe] Locking, unsafePerformIO and bolt-on thread safety.

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Tue May 10 02:45:20 CEST 2011

  A friend is making bindings to a C library that offers some
  fast math operations. The normal way to use the library is
  like this:

    int a = ...; int b = ...; int c = ...; int d = ...;
    int x                    =  ...;
    int m, n;
    m                        =  perform_math(a, b, x);
    n                        =  perform_math(c, d, x);

  We see that the lookup table for x must be created before we
  can perform math in the field/ring/what-have-you defined by x.
  Once we have created the table, though, we're done.

  My friend would like to create a pure interface to this
  library. One thought was to write an interface to perform_math
  that checked if the table was created, created it if not, and
  did all this while locking an MVar so that no other instance
  could be called at the same time, trashing the table. Doing
  this behind unsafePerformIO would seem to be the ticket.

  We end up with an implementation like this:

    module FastMath where

    import Control.Concurrent
    import Foreign
    import Foreign.C

    foreign import ccall create_lookup_table :: CInt -> IO ()
    foreign import ccall perform_math :: CInt -> CInt -> CInt -> IO CInt

    masterLock               =  unsafePeformIO (newMVar [CInt])

    safe_perform_math a b x  =  do
      list                  <-  takeMVar masterLock
      toPut                 <-  if not (x `elem` list)
                                  then do create_lookup_table x
                                          return (x:list)
                                  else    return list
      result                <-  perform_math a b x
      putMVar masterLock toPut
      return result

    performMath a b x = unsafePerformIO (safe_perform_math a b x)

  This does not compile but I think it gets the point across. Is
  this approach safe? The unsafePerformIO in conjunction with
  locking has me worried.

Jason Dusek
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